Photo Albums  Related to the Pacolet Area  

A new feature has been  added to this website. I have received Pacolet photos from several sources and will include them on this website. A number of interesting photographs about Pacolet came from the papers and records of David Smith, the first Mayor of Pacolet Mills. David passed away a number of years ago and these records were left in the care of his son, David "Skeet Smith", who passed away in 2013. Skeet's widow, Carolyn, has allowed us to use these photographs on the Pacolet Memories website. David was an avid amateur photographer but he also collected old photographs from earlier times about Pacolet Mills. We are including photos that David himself took and those he collected. The pictures from David are included in Albums No. 1 through 6 and 12.

Starting with Album No. 7 we are including photographs furnished by Easter Steadings Fisher. This is the first of several albums from Easter.

The photos are divided up into albums so the files will not be so large and will take less time to download.
All albums are in the PDF format that will allow you to zoom in to the photographs.

1. Album No. 1 - Some of the earlier photos of Pacolet Mills

2. Album No. 2 - General Photos

3. Album No. 3 - General Photos

4. Album No. 4 - General Photos

5. Album No. 5 - Snow in Pacolet Mills - This shows different areas of Pacolet Mills affected by snowfalls more than 50 years ago.

6. Album No. 6 - The Great Pacolet Flood of 1903

7. Album No. 7 - More About July 4th

8. Album No. 8 - More About the Mill

9. Album No. 9 - More About Baseball

10. Album No. 10 - More Scenes Around Town.

11. Album No. 11 - Pacolet Mills Elementary School Buildings

12. Album No. 12 - Photos of Classes at Pacolet Mills Elementary School

13. Album No. 13 - Pacolet Mills National Guard

14. Album 14 - May Festivals at Pacolet Mills Elementary School

15. Album 15 - Pacolet Mill Company Employees


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