The Neigh Newspaper

Pacolet was fortunate to have a community newspaper, The Neigh, for a number of years. The first issue came out in April, 1949. The first issue still did not have a name and a contest was held to select the final name. The little newspaper is a treasure house of information on what was happening in Pacolet during the years it was in print. If you or your family lived in the Pacolet area during the time The Neigh was being published, there is a very good chance that you will be in the paper.

Putting The Neigh online  will take quite awhile. Check back to read issues as they are added. Originally, we had all the issues up through 1952 as shown below.  The paper was published at least up until 1981.

Note: The newspaper  will open in Adobe Reader. This will allow you to zoom in and greatly magnify the photos and columns.

Issue No.1- April
Issue No.2- May
Issue No.3- June
Issue No.4- July
Issue No.5- August
Issue No.6- September
Issue No.7- October
Issue No.8- November
Issue No.9- December

Issue No.1- January
Issue No.2- February
Issue No.3- March
Issue No.4-April
Issue No.5- May
Issue No.6- June
Issue No.7- July
Issue No.8- August
Issue No.9- September
Issue No.10- October
Issue No.11- November
Issue No.12- December

The following additional copies of The Neigh have been recently scanned and now can be read. The June, 1954 issue is a special edition with photos from Pacolet Mill's past. The copies below have been furnished by Easter Fisher, the late David Smith and others. Eventually, we hope to locate and put the rest of the issues for these years on the website.

Issue No. 3 - March
Issue No. 9 - September

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