The idea for this reunion page came as a result of the recent 53rd reunion of the Class of 1955. The site is intended to serve as a newsletter; a place to share memories and photos; renew old friendships; tell about your self and your family. The details of how to submit information to the site is shown at the bottom of this page.
Mary McKinney Teaster and Gerald Teaster

The Pacolet High School Class of 1955 

Forty eight members of the Pacolet High School Class of 1955 graduated on the night of May 24, of that year. However, our journey had started many years earlier during the depths of World War II in the fall of 1943. That year, most of us had started the first grade. It was not at all sure, in those dark times, that the United States could win the War. Fortunately, our country did win and we went on to eventually graduate.

A few of us started the first grade in the same Pacolet School where we would graduate years later. These were destined to have such grammar school teachers as Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Cromer, Mrs. Trowell, Mrs. Parrish and Miss Garrison among others.
A number of us started in the first grade at the old school in Glendale where Mrs. Murray was Principal. Mrs. Cox and Miss Kinard were among our teachers.

The majority of us began our first grade journey at the Pacolet Mills Elementary school overlooking the mill village. This school was under the serious and watchful eye of our Principal, Miss Venable. (Does anybody else remember the big round tables with the hole in the middle that we had in the first grade classroom?) Recently, in Oct., 2014, a copy of the program for the graduation of our class from the 7th grade at Pacolet Mills Elementary was found in the papers of the late David "Skeet" Smith. You can see this program at 1950 PMES Graduation.

Along the way, those of us from these three schools were joined by others. The newcomers had started at schools with strange names like North Charleston Elementary and Fremont Elementary. We had new students join our class every year until we graduated.

By the time we started the eighth grade in 1950, we had joined together at Pacolet and were well on the way to becoming the Class of 1955. Click on this link for a list of our class members along with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. We want to thank  Nettie Rothrock Gentry for furnishing us this information and she has updated this roster to 2015 in relation to the 60th Reunion. See note below relating to the reunion. If your information needs updating please email us with the corrections.

Forty eight of us stayed the course and went on to graduate in the gymnasium on that long ago night in 1955. However, along the way, we lost many classmates and dear friends. Some moved to other schools, others dropped out of school for a variety of reasons. Some few passed away, including Harold Strange of Glendale, who had contracted Polio, the Terrorist disease of our youth. Many of our classmates left in the summer of 1950 between the 8th and 9th grades. Even though they did not graduate with us, these former classmates left us many memories.
 Class has 53rd Reunion
The class had its 53rd reunion on Saturday, August 16, 2008 in the friendship hall of the Pacolet Methodist Church. The reunion was planned and  organized by Nettie Rothrock Gentry and her husband Scott. We would like to thank Nettie and Scott and the others involved for all the hard work and time involved. Plans were made to have the next reunion in 2010.

60th Reunion!
Amazingly, our class had its 60th reunion on Saturday, August 1, 2015. As in the past, we are indebted to Nettie Rothrock Gentry and her husband Scott for planning and organizing the event. It was held in the Pacolet Town Hall. Nettie has furnished Reunion Photos and a Booklet with an updated class roster. These can be viewed at 60th Reunion Photos and Updated Class Roster.

  Miss Bishop's Annual
At the recent reunion, I told the story of how I had acquired Miss Bishop's 1955 Tomahawk annual from eBay. I don't think I explained it very well. A clearer explanation is at this link - 1955 Tomahawk.
(Believe it or not, the same thing has happened again with the 1952 Tomahawk belonging to and dedicated to Jack Corn. Read the details on the same page about Miss Bishop.)

 In Memory
A number of our classmates have passed away. Click on this link for for a list of the names and information about them.
Alma Mater
For the words to the Alma Mater and thoughts on the closing of the school, click on this link.

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