Miss Bishop's Annual

From time to time, I go to eBay and search out items relating to Pacolet. (Don't ask why but there are almost always things there relating to Pacolet and they have lots of bidders and get a premium price.) In the spring of 2005, there was a 1955 Pacolet High Tomahawk yearbook listed. As some of you might remember, I was the editor of that book. Since we were such a small school, there probably were less than 300 copies printed - and  Mary Lee and I have 2- so it was pretty rare. This was peculiar enough, seeing the book listed exactly 50 years later, but I contacted the seller to see who the book belonged to. He had said in his listing that it had belonged to a teacher. His reply said that it had belonged to a "Miss Bishop". Well, Miss Bishop was the faculty adviser to us on the annual staff. The staff had connived to co- dedicate the annual to her without her knowledge until she saw it in print. And now, to be able to buy her own annual, 50 years later, over the internet has struck me as most strange and unusual. The seller, in Anderson, SC,  had no information about where he had gotten the book. He thought it was in a quantity of old books he had bought somewhere.

If anyone can provide me any information about how this book came to be on eBay, I would be grateful. Almost all of us had autographed her book. If you would like to know what you wrote in her book, drop me an email and I will see if I can find your entry.

We all thought it very peculiar that the personal copy of a teacher that had the Tomahawk dedicated to them showed up for sale on eBay many years later. Well, another one surfaced after Miss Bishop's. Lindie Sullivan Wells recently bought a 1952 Tomahawk on eBay. It belonged to our Ag. teacher, Jack Corn, and the book had been dedicated to him that year, 1952.  The story of how these books, that at one time were very valuable to their owners, came to be cast off and sold would be very interesting.


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