Morgan and Grindal Shoals

Until just the morning before Tarleton crossed at Easterwood, General Morgan and his little army had been camped at Grindal Shoals, just 5 miles downstream from Easterwood and about  7 miles from the Pacolet Mills bridge. Morgan and his army had arrived at Grindal Shoals on Christmas Day, about three weeks before.  On the night of Jan. 14, Morgan had received word that Tarleton and his army were coming after him. The next morning, on Jan. 15, Morgan had started his army on the march in an effort to get away from the British. His army marched up the Green River Road. Today, some of that road is known as the Asbury Highway or Hwy 211. His army entered the Asbury Highway portion  just beside where Wagstop Plantation is located today. After a few miles, they turned right on the part of the Green River Road that is known today as "Goucher School Road". This is just before where Knuckles Chapel Church is located today.

Just one day behind them, the British army marched up the Quarter Round Road until they too came into the Green River Road at an intersection near to the present location of Knuckles Chapel. Now, both armies were on the same road to their deadly meeting at Cowpens.

It is interesting to speculate on the excitement that local folks might have had to witness these two armies marching through their area. There has never been an occurrence like this in the Pacolet or Goucher communities before or since.

Knuckles Chapel, the place where the route of the two armies joined is only about 3 miles from the Pacolet Mills bridge.

You can now walk in the footsteps of the American General, Daniel Morgan, on the way to the Battle of Cowpens. The annual march re-enactment takes place every January. You must pre-register. For more details about the march re-enactment, photos from past events and how to register, click on the following link:

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