If you go to the vicinity of Westgate Mall, there is a good chance that you will travel on or cross Blackstock Road. This is an ancient Upstate Road. It existed before the Revolution and when it was first used there were still Indian attacks on the few settlers in that area.

It got its name because it led to the plantation belonging to William Blackstock. His farm was located beside the Tyger River and there was a ford across the Tyger River here that was also known as Blackstocks Ford.  Fords were important places and were often the location of battles or skirmishes. Today, the location of the Ford and the farm are in modern Union County. Blackstocks was about 18 miles from our bridge at Trough Shoals.

A small but violent battle was fought at Blackstock's farm in November, 1780. This was only about a month after the stunning defeat of Ferguson and his Loyalist army at Kings Mountain. Both sides claimed victory. British troops under Tarleton charged a force of Patriot militia commanded by General Thomas Sumter and were badly hurt. General Sumter was wounded but survived. He was evacuated from the battlefield and taken on a litter suspended between two horses. He was transported to the patriot army near Charlotte to recuperate. On the way there he was taken across the Pacolet River at Grindal Shoals. He was out of the War for about two months. Read the full story of the battle at Blackstocks.


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