Reeves Dari Trete Drive In

(Submitted by Max Reeves, Pacolet Native)

Reeves Dari Trete Store in Oct., 1962.

In the late 1930's, my Uncle Odean Whitehead built a small building that consisted of the front right portion of the present building located at 991 North Highway 150 in Central Pacolet. Later, the front of the building was expanded and later still the back of the building was constructed. Soldiers stationed at Camp Croft would come by the store, patronize it and get some cool water from the spigot located on the back of the store. People had fond memories during that period of time. Among Uncle Odean's employees were Sam Bryant and the late John Smoak. I'll bet many of you reading this were not aware of that fact. 

The rear of the store.

My older brother, Gene Reeves, wanted to open an ice cream business because he had success selling ice cream on the mill hill. He would go as far as Sam Petty's house and he was sold out by then. Our daddy, John, would then tow the ice cream wagon back up to the house. When Gene went off to Georgia Tech in Atlanta in 1954 that took care of the ice cream business as far as he was concerned. Daddy continued to run the business in the summer with my help. 

John Reeves at the counter of the Dari Trete.

In 1959, John was laid off from the mill where he ran the "dope" wagon. No not what you think  - as "dope" back in those days referred to the headache powders sold on the "dope" wagon. The origin of Coca-Cola may have had something to do with that as well. On April 10, 1959 John and myself opened the Dari Trete Drive In. I worked there throughout high school and college and the summer of 1969 when I arrived back from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. John retired at the end of 1969 and rented out the store to several local residents. 

Ice Cream Machine and milk shake blenders.

Booths and counter.

Cooking Area.

On a personal level I am thankful for our many customers over the years. Many have shared their memories of coming to the store and enjoying our ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers. My one regret is that we ran the store during the segregated sixties. I never heard the first black person share the sentiments previously expressed and with good reason. That serving window on the front of the store will always be a reminder of those years even though it was originally used for serving only ice cream to all customers. I will always be indebted to the people of the Pacolet area because that store along with my mother's work at Brodie Insurance Agency in Spartanburg put me through college and seminary. 

I trust you will enjoy seeing the attached pictures and always know I appreciate so much the patronage of the people of the Pacolet, Pacolet Mills, Victor Park, Central Pacolet area and surrounding communities. 
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