Pacolet Station Post Offices

(The story of the post offices in Pacolet Station is based on an account in Volume 1 of The History of Pacolet.)

Two early post offices in the area were the ones in the McBride home on the Union Road below Pacolet (in what is now Pumpkin Center) and the Bryantville post office in the home of Reuben Bryant on the Pacolet Mills Road (in what is now Central Pacolet). In the town of Pacolet Station, post offices have been located in several places. The earliest one was on the end of the porch of George W. Brown's store, on Main Street, in the 1890's. This store was built soon after 1865 and the structure lasted over a 100 years. A photo of the store taken in 1951 is shown below.

The next two locations were close together on Main Street. One was in an old bank building and another was in a small building built by Jerome Bryant next to the Western Auto store that existed there up through the 1950's.  The vicinity of these post offices is shown in the two following photographs that also show other features of Pacolet Station. The first photo was taken in December of 1925 and shows buildings along Main Street . From left to right, they are: Barnett's garage, Bonner's garage, Quinn's store, Evan's store and the post office. (Notice the hand gas pumps). All of these buildings burned in a fire in 1934. This fire was started from the burning embers of a railroad locomotive.

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