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The churches have been very important to the Pacolet Community since its beginning. This page attempts to list the churches and where available, a photo and a little of their history. Much of the information is taken from Volume 1 of The History of Pacolet. It is very likely that some churches have been left out. Please send any corrections, additions or photos about the churches to The churches are listed roughly by community.

Pacolet Station

Pacolet United Methodist Church was organized prior to 1810. The first building was erected on one acre of land deeded by Richard Kirby. Stephen Kirby deeded one acre adjoining the church possibly for a cemetery. This land was part of the original land grant to John Tolleson, who sold a large portion to Richard Kirby. The church was first named Zion Methodist Church and stood on the Grindal Shoals Road where Salem Zion Baptist Church is today.  In 1882, after the railroad had drawn the population around it, a lot was purchased on the Glenn Springs Road a building erected on the present site of the church. The first pastor of this church was Rev. W.D. Hutto. The church is located on the corner of  Glenn Springs Road (Hwy 150) and  S. Pine St. (Hwy 9).

In 1985, the Church published a book about its history. Thanks to Nettie Rothrock Gentry we are able to put this book on the Pacolet Memories website. Click on "100 Years of Growth" to read this interesting story.

(My family has had a long association with this church. In 1955, my Mom and Dad bought the old Dr. Stowe house that was located beside the church parsonage. Family members have lived there ever since, over half a century. They have been neighbors to a long line of preachers who served this church and made many friends. Also many family members have attended this church over the years.)

Pacolet First Baptist Church was organized in 1871 as Pleasant Grove, which was located in the vicinty of where Sunny Acres is today. Mr. Elijah Brown gave the land for this church. The first pastor was Rev. John S. Ezell. The Pleasant Grove church was moved to Pacolet Station in 1879. Its present location is 310 West Main Street.  The name was changed from the "Pacolet Baptist Church" to "Pacolet First Baptist Church" about 1969.


Pacolet Presbyterian Church was organized in 1885 with The Rev. A.A. James as pastor. A new church building was built in 1973. The church is located on Church Street.

New Salem Zion Baptist Church  at  675 Jerusalem Road was founded in 1887. It celebrated its 110th Anniversary with a special program in 1998.

Morning Star Baptist Church is located at 150  Old Spartanburg Highway.

Calvary Hill Baptist Church is located at 7210 S Pine St. It was started in 1991.

New Beginnings Christian Fellowship is located at  480 Sunny Acres Rd.
Gethsemane Baptist Church is located at ‎190 Beech Street.
Montgomery Chapel Baptist Church‎ is located at 835 Sunny Acres Road.
Tate Memorial Baptist Church is located in Pumpkin Center.

Pacolet Mills

Montgomery Memorial Methodist United Methodist Church was organized in 1883 with its first pastor being Rev. J.W. Ariel. In 1895, a church was built under the pastorate of Rev. G. M. Boyd. The church was expanded and a new church auditorium was added in 1927. It was then named in memory of the late Captain John H. Montgomery. The church is located right at the end of the bridge 161 Limestone Street. See Methodist Church Photos for additional pictures. 
(I have a long personal connection to this church. I attended Sunday School here starting in about 1940 when I was three years old. I joined this church about 1950 when I was 13. The church sponsored Boy Scout Troop 317 in the early 1950's. For several years, I was a member of this troop and attended weekly Scout meetings in the church basement.)

The Pacolet Mills Baptist Church was organized in 1884 with its first pastor being Rev. John E. Burgess. The present building was built about 1920. The church is located at 385 Stone Street.

Old photo from behind the church.

Another early view of the church. Note that road beside church  has not yet been paved.

Brown's Chapel Baptist Church was organized  in 1870 and built on land given by George Washington Brown. This church is located on the Pacolet Mills - Cowpens Road. The first two church buildings burned and the present church was built in 1962, across the road from the first location. The first pastor of the church was the Rev. Lud Vaughn.

The large bell on top of the Brown's Chapel sign was relocated from on top of  Mill No. 3 ( the old mill) when it was torn down.

Pacolet Mills Church of God is located at 810 Sutton Road in Can Holler.
Bryant Memorial Pentecostal Church is located on Hwy 150 in Keg Town

The Surrounding Area

Goucher Baptist Church is one of the most historic churches in the Upstate. It is located at 415 Goucher Creek Road. It was once known as the Goucher Church Meeting House. The very early church known as Thicketty Branch Church is thought to be the original Goucher Church. The Church is near where old Fort Thicketty was located which was first built for protection against the Cherokee Indians. The church and the fort were both in use at the time of the American Revolution.
(Many might wonder why a church in Goucher is included in Pacolet churches. There has long been a strong connection between the Goucher community and Pacolet. Up until the mid 1950's, students from the Goucher area attended Pacolet High School. Sometime about 1954, school lines were redrawn and students living in Cherokee County had to transfer to Gaffney to go to high school. During High School, I lived in the Goucher community and often attended the Goucher Church.)

The Goucher Church as it looks today.

The Goucher Church in the 1940's.

Hammett Grove Baptist Church is located at 635 Hammett Grove Road.

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