Jesse Glass

Mr. Jesse Glass was a very enterprising Pacolet merchant. He had a small store on  Fuller St., not far from the ball park. The store had a variety of things - such as candy, magazines, comic books and some food. The main thing that I remember about his store is that it had several guns of different kinds for display on the walls. I don’t think that they were for sell but for decoration.

The thing that made Jesse Glass different was his “mobile” store. About once a week, he would fill his car with different things and drive slowly throughout Pacolet Mills selling these items from his car. I don’t remember exactly what kind of car he had, except it was black and either an “A-Model” or “T-Model” Ford. Jesse Glass coming was the high point of the week for most kids and many adults. I remember that his car smelled like bananas and apples. He sold many things including soft drinks, candy and magazines.

I don’t know when he stopped making his rounds but I think that he did not continue much after WWII.

Mr. Glass must have carried on a tremendous correspondence as part of his business. Even today, 60 years later, envelopes to and from Jesse Glass at Pacolet Mills show up for sell on eBay.

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