The Goucher Community

Goucher - This is an old and historic community. Its most prominent feature is the Goucher Baptist Church which traces its origins back to before the Revolutionary War. Fort Thicketty, the site of a Revolutionary War action, is located almost within sight of the Church. In the 1940’s there was a big cotton gin that stood at the intersection of the Gaffney Highway (Hwy 150) and the Asbury Highway (Hwy 211). Also, during the 1940’s and 1950’s Mr. Roland Brown had a big general store located on Hwy. 150. It was very near the intersection of Hwy 150 and the Old Quarter Round Road (S-11-113). In about 1940, my Grandfather, Ransom Teaster, bought an old house and farm on the Asbury Highway Hwy in the Goucher Community. (I remember that in about 1941, I went with him on a shopping trip to Mr. Brown’s store in a horse and wagon. The four mile round trip took us almost all day.) My Dad bought this farm in 1952 and built a new house. My family lived there until 1955.

The actual boundaries of what constitutes the Goucher Community are hard to determine. Some folks believe that Goucher starts as soon as you cross Brown's Branch. Others think that it is only the area close to the Church. The following map is what I remembered being described as Goucher in the olden days.

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