A Family Affair - Generations Serve

It was a tradition in many Pacolet families to serve the community by being a Volunteer Fireman. It was not unusual for two or even three generations of the same family to serve. The following are generations that have served in either the Pacolet Station Fire Department - (PFD), the Pacolet Mills Fire Department  - ( PMFD) or the Pacolet Mills Rescue Squad - (PMRS). They are in no particular order or order of importance. They were all important in whatever role they served for the community.

[Sister] Sandra Knox (PMRS) [Son,Nephew] Brandon Knox (PFD,PMRS)

Harold Dean Womack (PMFD Chief)
[Son] Barry Womack (PMFD,PMRS)

Fred "Doog" Teaster (PFD)
[Son] Davud "Dink" Teaster (PFD)

Fred “Worry”Kirby (PMRS)
[Sons] Randy and Lee Kirby (PMFD,PMRS)

Ernest Odell (PMFD)
[Son] Charles Odell (PMFD Chief)

[Brothers] Chris and Scott Harris (PMFD,PMRS,PFD)

Brandy Padgett (PMFD,PMRS.PFD)
[Son] Darryl Padgett (PMFD Chief, PMRS, PFD)
[Granddaughter] Bethany Padgett (PFD)

[Brothers] Gene Bailey (PFD,PMRS) Ken Bailey (PFD Chief, PMRS)

[Brothers] Wallace and Chief Jerome Hayes (PFD)

George Mathis (PMFD)
[Son] Randy Mathis (PMFD Chief, PMRS,PFD)
[Grandson] Adrian Mathis (PFD)

[Brothers] Jack and Gus Lovings (PMFD)

Benny Hood (PFD)
[Son] Frank Hood (PMFD,PMRS)
[Grandson.Nephew] Daniel Hood (PFD)

[Mother] Elizabeth Baty
[Brothers] Kyle Baty (PMRS,PFD) Kelly Baty (PMRS,PFD)
[Stepson] Robert Ruff(PFD)

[Brothers] Jim Shehan (PMFD,PMRS) Mike Shehan (PMFD)

Randy Brown (PMFD)
[Son] Heath Brown (PFD)

David Free (PFD Chief) [Son]
Pete Free (PFD,PMFD)

[Brothers,Sister] Jeff, John, and Julie McGaha (PMFD,PMRS)

[Brother,Sister] Howard and Lynn Kerr (PMFD,PMRS)

Frank Mitchell (PMRS)
[son] Gene Guyton (PMFD,PMRS)
[Grandson,Nephew] Mitch Trammel (PFD)

Gene Bailey(PFD,PMRS)
[sons] David and Reid Bailey (PMRS,PFD)

Dallas Parker (Charter Member PMFD)
[Son] Steve Parker (PMRS,PMFD)
[Grandson] Jeffery Parker (PMFD)

[Brothers] Chuck and Buddy Parris (PMFD,PMRS)

[Brothers] Terry and Tony Goforth (PMFD, PMRS)

Pa Jack Schultz (PMFD Fire Chief)
[Son] Tim Schultz (PMFD)
[Grandson,Nephew] David Pete Free (PFD,PMFD)

[Brothers] Tim and Larry Harvey (PFD)

Billy Oshields (PFD)
[Son] Derrick Oshields (PFD)

Calvin King (PFD,PMRS)
[Son] Tony King (PFD,PMRS)

[Brothers] Billy and Ricky Spencer (PFD)

[Brothers] Tim and Brian Howell (PMFD,PMRS)
[Brother,Sister] Billy (PMFD,PMRS and Pam Fisher (PMRS)

[Brothers] Brandy and Oskie Padgett (PMFD,PMRS)

Dennis Wayne Wells(PMFD,PMRS)
[Son] Richard Wells (PFD)

[Brothers] Keith and Craig Lee (PMFD,PMRS)
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