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School annuals provide a snapshot in time about a community. We were fortunate in Pacolet to have two high schools that published annuals. Over time, I hope to be able to scan and put copies of these annuals on this website. Pacolet High School published their first annual in 1949 and continued up until its close in 1976. I either own or have access to most of these annuals. All of the annuals are are presented in the PDF format that will allow you to zoom in close to see better detail and also allow you to print any or all of the pages.

Pacolet High School Annuals

1949 - Pacolet High School published their first annual in 1949 and named it The Tomahawk. This book can now be read  at 1949 PHS Tomahawk Annual. There are several things different in this annual than in later books. It is not printed on both pages, only on the right side. The left page is blank. An unusual thing about this book also is that the pages that separate and label the classes and section are in a bright, full color. Printing in color was expensive and most later annuals were all in black and white. Much of the labeling and student and faculty identification  in this book is done freehand in ink and is not typed or typeset. Later annuals contained little freehand lettering.

This book is now 68 years old. Surviving members of that senior class are now in their mid 80's. Pacolet High School in 1949 had 12 grades from the first grade up.  Elementary class teachers are pictured but not their classes. Students from the 7th grade through the 12th grade are shown. In 1949, I was in the 6th grade and remember a great deal about the school as it was then. In some areas there have been tremendous changes compared to today's schools. You can read about some of these at School Changes. There have also been very big changes in the businesses in Pacolet since 1949. Looking at the advertisements at the end of the annual, you can see that almost none of them still survive.

1950 - The second annual was published in 1950 and it can be read at 1950 PHS Tomahawk Annual. The format of this annual was the model for most of the following annuals. Again, most all of the advertisers in this book no longer exist.

1951 - The third annual was published in 1951 and can be seen at 1951 PHS Tomahawk Annual. One of the unusual features of this book is that the front and back covers are identical to the 1950 book except for the year.

B. E. Mays High School

1964 - The B. E. Mays High School published annuals also. The school opened in 1953 and I am not sure when its first annual was published. Presently, I only have one annual from Mays and that is from 1964. I have scanned that book, the 1964 Panther. It can be read at 1964 B.E. Mays Annual.

The book that I have has an interesting story. I bought it from the eBay website on the Internet a few years ago. Amazingly, the site often has items related to Pacolet and I have bought annuals from Pacolet High School there also. As far as I can tell, this book belonged to Miss Laverne Smith. Her name, address and telephone number are written inside the back cover. However, I cannot find her listed in the annual itself. The annual is autographed in several places including on a number of the photographs.

 If anyone has a copy of a Mays annual besides the 1964 issue, we would very much like to have a scan of it to go on this website. It is a time-consuming process but can be done on most home scanners. I can take your individual page scans and put them in the form to be used on the website. If you are interested in doing this and want further information please contact me at the email address below.

We would love to hear from anyone pictured in these annuals or have relatives that are. If you like, we will put your comments on this website.

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