Additional Information about Pacolet Veterans

The following information has been received from Jean Marie Robinette Simpson about several of the veterans in her family.

I want to give you some additional information on my uncle, Donald Leon "Jimmy" Mathis, who is already on your list. He served first in the U.S. Marine Corps and then the U.S. Coast Guard. His eldest son, R. Keith Mathis, U.S. Army (Retired) lives with his wife and son in our grandparents' old house on Fleming Street/Avenue. Our grandparents were Ernest and Louise Motts Mathis. [If memory is half-way correct, MaMa (Louise) wanted to name her son James. However, PaPa had a brother named James and did not want his son named that; so, they named him Donald Leon -- I can't remember the origin of that choice. Anyhow, since MaMa had wanted to name him James in the first place, she started calling him Jimmy and it stuck.] My mother was born Ila Jean Mathis, daughter of Ernest and Louise, younger sister to Jimmy. 

My dad, Paul Nelson Robinette, served in the U.S. Navy. Grandmother Robinette (Mary Nancy Glass Robinette) had to sign permission for him to enlist because he was only 17 at the time. That would have been sometime in 1945. I know that at one time he was stationed at Guam, but I don't know the exact years. I may be able to find some old photos that will give me a clue. He served one tour of duty and was honorably discharged, then attended and graduated from Clemson University on the GI Bill. His elder brother, Edward B. Robinette, Gary's father, was a photographer in the service but I can't remember which branch. Gary can tell you.

My great-aunt, Mable Motts Osment, married to Al Osment, was a WAC; I don't know if that qualifies as a veteran or not. I believe she met Al in the service, but I'm not sure. She was one of MaMa Mathis's sisters. I also don't know if Al would be the "James A. Osment" you have in your list or not; I don't know his full name.

Grandmother Robinette's brother, Fred Glass, served in the U.S. Army during World War I. I think maybe one or two more of her brothers may have served but I need to check on that before giving their names.

My Aunt Bonnie Faye (nee Robinette) Keim met her husband, Fred Keim, when he was stationed at Camp Croft. Bonnie Faye was sister to my dad and Uncle Edward. Fred was Pennsylvania-Dutch and he took her back to Pennsylvania after his discharge.

Received information from Melanie King. Her grandmother is Sara Kitchens Ellison who grew up in Pacolet Mills and started to work in the mill when she was 14. Sara had brothers John Martin Kitchens and Samuel Thomas Kitchens who both served in the army during WWII. Details about them are as follows:

John M Kitchens with his sister, Sarah Kitchens Ellison
(This photo was made in Pacolet Mills. Note the dam, "Point Lookout" and the Pacolet Mills Elementary School in the distant background.)

John Martin Kitchens (b. 12/11/1914, d. 2/20/1993)

US Army
Served quite a few years in the Army and retired.  He served during WWII and was involved in several campaigns: Tunisia / Sicily 1943, Normandy / Northern France / Rhineland 1944, and Central Europe 1945.
He was taken POW, but liberated several months later near the end of the war.

Samuel Thomas Kitchens (b. 6/1/1916, d. 12/25/1986)

US Army

Served during WWII, and also was an active participant in campaigns fought in: Normandy / Northern France, Rhineland, and Central Europe.

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