Boy Scout Camp Palmetto

The following photos were taken at Camp Palmetto near Saluda in 1952.
(Thanks to Don Camby for helping identify the folks in these photos.)

On the march. From right front: Ray Ellison, Bob Wells, Walter Brown, Russ Campbell, (?), Larry Scales, Ned Harrold, (?), Buddy Foster in back.

From left: Larry Scales, Dink Teaster, Ronnie White, Russ Campbell, Ned Harrold, Bobbie Joe Wells, Wendell "Buddy" Sprouse, Bob Wells, Walter Brown (Thanks to Don Camby for helping identify the folks in this picture.)

From left: Bobbie Joe Wells, Bob Wells, Walter Brown, Dink Teaster, Ned Harrold, Wendell "Buddy" Sprouse, Russ Campbell

From left: Dink Teaster, Buddy Foster (standing), Bob Wells, Bobbie Joe Wells, Russ Campbell

Standing- from left: Ray Ellison, Buddy Foster, Ned Harrold, Ronnie White with camera. Sitting - Bobbie Joe Wells, Wendell "Buddy" Sprouse Sprouse, Walter Brown, Russ Campbell

Hike to the Green River

Candidates for the Order of the Arrow working on a new building
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