The Story Behind Pumpkin Center

(We are indebted to Easter Fisher for suggesting this story and furnishing the information for it.)

Many folks are not aware that the Pumpkin Center community of the Pacolet area owes its existence to WWII. In 1940, with the eminent threat of the War, the Federal Government decided to build a huge army training base in Spartanburg County.  It was named Camp Croft and it would have a huge impact on the surrounding area. The camp was scheduled to be built between Pacolet Station and the town of Spartanburg just outside of White Stone.

The camp was to cover a huge area but there was a big problem. The place where the camp was to be was already home to a number of families and their homes and farms.  If the camp was built the people would have to be moved. An army training base is a dangerous place with artillery, rifle, pistol and grenade ranges.

Read about this at The Birth of Pumpkin Center.

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