The Pool Hall and Trophy Room

Leaving the Post Office area, we go through a big set of doors leading off to the left. We go through these doors into another large room. Off to the right, we see another room separated by a railing from the room we are in. This is the Pool Hall and it is filled with pool tables. We’ll come back to that room.

Straight ahead of us and just outside the Pool Hall, toward the middle of the room, there was a counter and sort of an office area. That is where Mr. Brownie Trent worked. I think that Mr. Trent was the manager of the YMCA but I am not sure. He seemed to be pretty much in charge of things in the Pool Hall area.

Just as we had come into the room, before the pool area, there were several items. If I remember correctly, on the left side was a real phone booth with a real door. I’m not sure but I think that there might have been some pinball machines close to the phone booth.  At different times there were also two coin operated game machines that I always played when I got to go to the Hall. I would love to know just how many quarters I put into these machines. One was a little shooting gallery with a Mauser pistol on it. After you put in your quarter, you could shoot the pistol. The more times you hit the targets the more you could shoot. Back in those days, I fancied myself quite a shot and played the game many times.

The other game was similar but it was in two parts. The target was a bear that went in a circle. The second part was the rifle and it was located about 10 or 15 feet away from the target. You put in your quarter, picked up the rifle and tried to shoot the bear as he went around the circle. The bear had photo cells on it and the rifle shot out a light beam. When he was hit the bear, reared up, roared and went back the other way. It was serious fun and took many, many of my quarters.

Off to the left there was another big room. I don’t know what it was originally for, but when I was young, it served as a place to display the many trophies of Pacolet Mills sports teams through the years. There was a huge glass trophy case just for the town’s baseball mementoes.  No trip to the movie to see Bob Steele or Ken Maynard was complete without stopping by to look at the yellowed baseballs, the silver trophies and. the photographs.  In retrospect, the photographs made the most impression.  There was picture after picture showing Pacolet’s team from the past.  It was a pictorial record of the evolution of baseball uniforms.  But more than this, they showed stern faced, proud men who had succeeded.  Some faces I knew only from legendary reputation of their skill as base players.  However, three of them, I knew personally.  They were my uncles Monroe and Lee "Bo" Teaster and Jesse “Toby” Campbell.


The Pacolet Mills Team of 1927

Leaving the trophy room, let’s walk back over to the Pool Hall. We see that it is a very large room that holds many large pool tables. Each table is covered with green felt and has a light suspended over it. Along the walls there are several long racks that hold pool cues. Several games of pool are being played and pool was a very popular for many men. The Pool Room was off limits to children when I was young and I don’t believe that I ever went passed the railing. I know that I never played a game of pool.

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