Pacolet Nicknames

For some reason, the use of nicknames was very common in the Pacolet area. It seemed much more widespread than was the custom even in other nearby textile communities. The nicknames were sometimes acquired when a person was so young that they did not know why they were given the nickname or who had first called them that name. More men had nicknames but some women did have them also. Don Camby has done research and put together a remarkable list of these colorful nicknames and who they belonged to. Don has identified more than 630 nicknames. We appreciate him making these nicknames available for use on this website.

The following is Don's explanation about how his research came about:

I grew up at Pacolet Mills from the time I was born until the Spring of my Senior year of high school, at which time my family moved to Pacolet Station. Many times in talking to friends with whom I grew up, we have remarked on the large number of people who lived there who had nicknames and that many people did not know the real names of those with nicknames. Also, we talked about the place names used by the residents that quite often were not the official place names. 

Thanks to the following for their contributions to these lists (which are not complete by any means): Hurricane, Suitcase, Zip, Pacolet Blackie, Doolie, Pecker Head, Goose, Gloria, and Gary.
Don Camby

Recently, Garland Smoak has furnished us approximately 60 more names to add to this list. Most of Garland's names were for folks that lived in Pacolet Station.

Click on this link to read the list of nicknames.

Don is still collecting information on the nicknames. He has a list of names where he needs more information. Click on this link More Nickname Information to see this list. If you can help provide any of this information, please contact Don at Nicknames..

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