An Unusual Pacolet Connection 

You would not expect for there to be a connection beween the Pacolet area and the Nazi government in World War II but there is. It is a strange story. From Dec. 1912 until 1914, Rev. Albert Hartwell Best was the pastor at the Pacolet Methodist Church in Pacolet Station. His son, Robert Henry Best, attended Wofford College. After Robert graduated in 1917 he went on to become a US army officer and a reporter for United Press in Europe. 

Through a series of events, he became a propaganda agent for the Nazi government. He remained in Germany during the war and actively supported the Nazi cause. After the war, he was convicted of Treason and sentenced to life imprisonment. He died in 1952 while still in confinement. You can see photos of Robert Best at:

The unusual thing in this story is that he is buried in the Pacolet Methodist Church Cemetery in Pacolet Station.   (Ed. note: My brother, David “Dink” Teaster, is also buried in this cemetery.) Later, in 1966, his, sister Louise Best, a Methodist missionary, was also buried there beside him. As far as we know, they were buried there because their father was once the pastor of the Methodist Church. Rev. Best is not buried at Pacolet but in the town of Lamar, SC in Darlington County. A photo of Rev. Best can be seen at:

The full details of Robert Best’s story can be read at:

A picture of his grave at Pacolet can be seen at:

Even after so many years, it is still chilling to realize that Pacolet is the final resting place for an agent of the evil Nazi regime. Robert Best was a colleague of and worked with Joseph Goebbels, the Chief of Propaganda for Hitler. At the end of the war in 1945, Goebbels and his wife committed suicide after poisoning their six children.

(Thanks to Neil Gibson for bringing this story to my attention and to Nettie Gentry for furnishing information about Pastor Albert Best and his Pacolet connection.)

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