Mary Ernest Massey

(The following information about Mary Massey is furnished by her grandaughter, Bobbie A. Mikesell.)

My Grandmother and Grandfather Massey survived the Flood along with their oldest daughter, Rosa Lea Massey who was 15 or 16 years old at the time. They lost 4 small children in the flood.

Grandmother's name was Mary Ernest Massey. She is mentioned in the books published about Spartanburg County and the Flood as having died along with her 4 children. However, this is incorrect and I would like to correct this information. I do have proof as my Grandma Massey was interviewed by the Spartanburg Herald-Journal twice - I have the original articles from the newspaper.

Read the 1947 newspaper article about Mary.

Read the 1956 newspaper article about Mary.

She died in Spartanburg and was living with our family at the time which was in 1957 at the age of 92.

Read the obituaries of Mary.

Grandma Massey was pregnant at the time of the flood, June 6, 1903, with my Mother who was born November 12, 1903, in Waynesville, NC. Her name was Lillie Mae Massey Arrowood.

Rosa Lea Massey Allen died in 1944. She and her husband C. C. Allen had 8 children and lived in Duncan, S.C.The youngest is still living and her name is Dorothy Allen Quinn who is 81 years old. She lives in Roebuck, SC. I am the youngest child of my mother, Lillie Mae Massey Arrowood, and I live in Carson City, Nevada. I am 77 years old.

Read more about the husband and children of Mary.

(Bobbie A. Mikesell - January 19, 2011)
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