Pacolet Dentist

There was a dental office situated on the lower floor of Dr. Hill’s clinic. I think that this was established sometime after WWII, in the late 1940’s, but it could have been done before the War. Dr. W. R. Clyburn was the dentist after the War and he had been a dentist in the service. He set up his practice in Pacolet in 1946. I  remember going to him about 1948 for the extraction of two abscessed teeth. In the 1950’s, Dr. Clyburn also set up an office in downtown Spartanburg in the Andrews Building. He kept office visits at his old Pacolet Mills location on Wednesday afternoons after that move. I am not sure how long he was in practice. My last visit to him in the Andrews Building was in the spring of 1956.

It has been almost impossible to find anything at all about Dr. Clyburn. I could not even remember his last name and am indebted to Lindie Sullivan Wells for supplying that. Amelia Campbell McGaha also furnished some information.

I invite you to please send me any information or photos that you might have about Dr. Clyburn, or any other Pacolet dentist, for the website. Dr. Clyburn provided a very valuable and needed service to the Pacolet community. It is a shame that he has been so forgotten.

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