Photo of 1959-1960 Sixth Grade Class from Pacolet Elementary School

Jane Snapp of Whitestone has shared a photo of the 1959-1960 Sixth Grade class at Pacolet Elementary School. The class was taught by Marilyn Jones. Each student signed the back at random. Wayne Snapp is the 4th boy on the back row.

The names on the back of the photo are: Janet Messer, Bernell Motts, Barbara Fowler, Eugene Welchel, David Williams, Elaine Kirby, Laine Ligon, Barbara Love, Annie Sue Burgess, Larry Allison, Betty Sherbert, Barbara Fowler, Elaine Camby, Myra Greene, Larry Wells, Gail Brown, Shirley Owensby, Linda Hodge, Linda Fox, Linda Sizemore, Ned Camby, Robert Hogan, Jackie ?, Beverly Sichak, Joe Parker, Julia Smith, Nellie Fleming, Lynne Minton, Nell Jones, and Brenda Fleming.

 If you can identify these folks and the order they are standing in the picture please let us know.

(June, 2016) Ned Camby, of this class, has identified all but two of the folks in the above picture. They are:
Front row l-r...Linda Sizemore, Myra Greene, Ann Jackson, Shirley Owensby, Linda Hodge, Barbara Fowler, Barbara Love?, ____ Osteen?, Julia Smith, Lynne Minton, Elaine Camby
Second Row l-r...Beverly Sichak, Annie Sue Burgess, Linda Fox, Nell Jones, Gail Brown, Brenda Fleming, Nellie Fleming, Eugene Welchel, Ned Camby, Jackie Lemmomds, Robert Hogan
Back Row l-r...Larry Wells, Larry Allison, Bernell Motts, Wayne Snapp, David Williams, Buddy Sizemore, Joe Parker, Betty Sherbert, Elaine Kirby, Janet Messer, Laine Ligon.

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