The 1940 Federal Census for Pacolet

The 1940 Federal Census has just been released. The census records are available from a Federal website. However, it is difficult to find records on the site and to see them once you find them.

The census records for the Pacolet area have been copied and put in a much more "user friendly" form on this Pacolet Memories website. The census for Pacolet was taken in April, 1940. It seems that the people that took the census were very thorough in what they did. Unfortunately, there is no index by name for the records. The records for within the Pacolet Mill Village are given by street names. This is how they are listed for searching on this website. This makes it easy to find a family if you know what street they lived on in 1940.

A few comments about what you will find on the records. The records list the age, sex and race of each member of a household. It states how much rent the household is paying or the value of their house if they own it. It also lists the place of birth for each person. It frequently lists the occupation of some individuals and how much money they earned the previous year.

For ease of searching and clarity, the Pacolet results are broken down into three groups. Group 1 covers the mill village on the north side of the river or the side where the Montgomery Memorial Methodist Church is located. Group 2 covers the rest of the mill village on the other side of the river. This is on the side where the mill, the Flat and the Hall were located. Group 2 also includes Mayesville. Group 3 includes the area around Pacolet outside of the mill village and Mayesville.

It is fairly easy to navigate and search Groups 1 and 2. Here, the census lists names by street name and the census taker seemed to generally go from house to house in sequence on the street. However, Group 3 is much harder to search. For the most part, there are no street or road names for the people listed. For this group, you will have to go page by page to find the folks you are looking for.

On the Pacolet Memories site, the record pages are given in the "pdf" format. This will allow you to zoom in and magnify the information. This makes it much easier to use than the way they are given on the Federal website. Warning - some of these files are very large and may take a few minutes to load on your computer.

It has been found that recent changes to the Windows Internet Browser often make it impossible to load larger PDF files. If you encounter this, you might want to download and use the Google Chrome Browser. This will allow you to read the PDF files. This can be downloaded for free and you can have both browsers on your computer at the same time. You can easily switch from one to the other.

Most of the streets for both Group 1 and 2 are identified on Pacolet Mills Maps.

Group 1 - North Side of River

To see the records for a particular street, click on the street name below.
Moore Street
Limestone Street
Green Street
Granite Street (Tightwad)
Cleveland Street

Group 2 - South Side of River

Click on the street name to see the records for that location.
Cameron Street
Goodlet Street
Milliken Street
Stone Street
Brewster Street
Fleming Street
Montgomery Avenue
Walker Street
Quarry Street
River Drive
Pine Street
Victor Park
Glass Road
Mayesville and Vicinity

Group 3

Group 3 is not usually listed by street name. The records have been broken up into the following subgroups for ease of searching. This was done by finding certain individuals and knowing where they lived. There was lots of guess work in doing this and some of the records may be in the wrong group.
Kegtown, Burgess Town and Vicinity
Can Hollow and General Vicinity

The following subgroups are for Central Pacolet and some of Pacolet Station.

Pacolet Station - Rest of Pacolet Station
Whitestone and Vicinity

Corrections, Clarification and Adding Further Information

We encourage you to send us any information that you might have about any records being put in the wrong group. We also welcome any clarification or more information that you might have about the entries on the records. In identifying a particular record, the sheet number is in the upper right corner of the sheet in the rectangular box.
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