Some Class Photos from Pacolet Mills Elementary School (PMES)

Recently, I was scanning and going though some old photos that belonged to  the late Mr. David Smith, the first mayor of Pacolet Mills. Among the many interesting pictures, I found some class photos from the 1939 school year at the Pacolet Mills Elementary School. Only the first and second grades were found. There were two sections of both the first grade and second grade.  You can see these 4 pages of photos at Pacolet Mills Elementary School - 1939. These photos are in a "pdf" file that will allow you to zoom in and see individual students.

I have also received a photo of the  1940 Sixth Grade at PMES from Jane Foster Snapp. Her Mom, Opal Elm Foster, is in the photo (6th row down, 1st picture). The teacher's names are handwritten on the bottom of the photograph. They are Grace Lancaster and Mrs. Hill. You can see the picture at PMES, Sixth Grade, 1940. If you can identify any of these students, please let us know. As you can see, several of the pictures are duplicated. Jane has also sent a photo of Mrs. Odum's class at Pacolet Mills Elementary School. The year is unknown but it is thought to be of a sixth grade class. See the photo at Mrs. Odum's Class. If you have any information about this class please let us know.

A photo of the PMES First Grade in 1928 was posted on Facebook by Myra Jennings Watson. Her Mom, Elizabeth Whiting Jennings, is in the photo (second from the left on the front row). Myra has graciously allowed the use of this photo on the website. See the picture at PMES, First Grade, 1928. Please let us know if you can identify anyone.
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